Bubbles (2019)
Graduation Film from The National Film School, IADT.
The once obedient puppet who happily danced to the Puppeteer’s demands is now distracted by one of his bad habits; The deliberate cracking of knuckles. This disruptive sound agitates her and we observe as her anger takes over.

Winner - IndieCork Film Festival - “Best Emerging Irish Female Director
Winner - Dublin Animation Film Festival (DAFF) - “Best Irish Student Short film”

Selections: London Animation Film Festival (LIAF) Global University Film Awards (GUFA), Galway Film Fleaddh, Womanimation, Festival Animánie, Animeteka, Cinanima

A film by Rachel Fitzgerald
Additional Animation: Paul Browne
Sound Design: Lucrezia Gnagni
Voice: Aisling O'Mara
Script Editor: Nadine Flynn
Project Mentor: Jack O'Shea
Produced by The National Film School, IADT.
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