Cost of Curiosity
Short film (Dark Comedy) | 2021
length: 2min 14 sec
Technique: Ink & Gouache on Cel

Sound Designer: Nicholas Faris
Project Mentor: Joe King
Royal College of Art.

Helpless insects fall victim to a child in pursuit of answers, An ode to childhood curiosity and innocence. 

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The Making of
The Cost of Curiosity was made during the COVID-19 Pandemic in my bedroom in London.
The approach to making this film embodied the theme of the film, one of curiousness. I was determined to make this film on Cel but had very little resources or budget so there was a lot of experimentation and problem solving to make a process like cel affordable using limited resources. 

1. I started off by 3D printing some peg bars for my 3-hole puncher and began animating on paper.

2. I then traced my frames onto transparency film (the kind for overhead projectors) which was a cheap alternative to cels. I used a dip pen and Indian ink for the line work.

3. I then painted the opposite side of the transparency with Acrylic-gouache paint. I did some experimenting with types of paint and this was the best by far, being highly pigmented and quick-drying.

4. After the transparency was dry, I scanned everything!
Animation on Paper
Animation on Paper
Ink on Cel
Ink on Cel
Paint on Cel
Paint on Cel
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